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Siousie Sioux!


Happy Birthday to all!
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holiday bonsai

Fun times at my mom’s this weekend! Lots of family, yummy things to eat, movie-watching, & goodies! Tomorrow (Tues.), I’m off & running (make that, flying), but before I go...

Happy B-days to Dir en grey’s Die; my nephew, Anthony, & his brother, Church; & my pal, Ashley, from work!

As for me, Tim Curry said it best in “I’m Going Home”, from The Rocky Horror Picture Show:

On the day I went away
Goodbye...was all I had to say
Now I...I want to come again
and stay
Oh my...
Smile & that will mean I may

The gods have smiled on me, giving me this chance...to see a friend again, to see an influence again, & to see a land again that I might - that I hope to - one day call home.

I hope all of you are smiled upon, too. May your holidays bring you everything you deserve (& that’s a lot!!). From the bottom of my heart, I wish you peace, warmth, wonder, fun, happiness, & love.

さようなら!! (Bye!!)
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Happy Birthday! ^_^
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With House, M.D. apparently not on tonight, this seems an opportune time to post about my weekend at my mom's house.

After a quick stop at a local church thrift sale, where I picked up a couple goodies, it was a bit of hanging out (which included getting some goodies from my mom, including a very cool hoodie with what I'm pretty sure is Chinese writing on it), chatting, watching a bit of tv (caught Son of Kong, which I hadn't seen since I was a kid!), & showing my photos (San Gennaro & the like) until Mark & Anthony dropped by. Mark had to pick up some more papers regarding my grandpa's car (we'd spoken ahead of time, so I had them with me). He let my mom & the gang borrow the videos he'd lent me (the last of which, Gran Torino, I'd watched on Friday night - a pretty good film, by the way). I'd mentioned Quarantine during the week to my mom, so after a little bit, they put that on.

Anthony was so funny during that, he'd come out with these random things as he watched the movie with us. The first time they shot one of the zombies, he was, like, "She's dead." Then, when the action got going, every time something happened, he'd go, "Whoa!" And he'd comment whenever someone turned into a zombie. "Another zombie," he'd say, & would try to count how many there were. I managed to get some of this utter cuteness on video when he wasn't looking.

After a while, they had to get going, so we hung out & whatnot. It had started to rain while Mark was over, then it slowed down or stopped, but it started up again. Watched Timber Falls on tv, & had some junk food (donuts, ice cream). Started looking at Mario Bava’s Planet of the Vampires (from the On Demand menu), but it wasn't grabbing us. We'd talked about having a Halloween party, & my mom had suggested she & I do Ginger Snaps cosplay. As Mattie had gone out with Bridget for a bit, Johnathan watched the Day the Earth Stood Still re-make while my mom & I dressed up & took photos & were generally cool & silly. As you can see:

Ginger in her hoodie.

Ginger getting sexy.

Brigitte unleashed. (That quote is from the 2nd film.)

I love my hoodie!

Sisters united in blood. (That shot is my favourite!)

Johnathan joined us in some goofiness involving a set of fake rubber fangs, & then we watched a show about scary attractions in the US, which included Field of Screams (not too far from where my mom lives). Mattie came home not too long after, & had brought with him a copy of Drag Me To Hell, so we had a bite to eat & watched that.

I'm sure there's something serious that's supposed to be going on with that film, but we just found a lot of it really, really funny! There are things done with office supplies that make me feel very dangerous, given my occupation. There's a nosebleed moment straight out of a Monty Python skit. The old Gypsy lady had us in stitches when she tried to bite White Oleander's Alison Lohman...without her false teeth! And I won't even go into the funeral scene. That one, you gotta see for yourself. It's a really fun movie, & we had a great time with it.

It was pretty late by then, so most of the gang called it a night. I stayed up & watched tv - part of an Addams Family marathon & some anime. Zonked out a while later, but woke up around 7. Had a bit of breakfast & checked out some more On Demand - The Wicker Man, the original, was on there, & I'd wanted to see that one for a long time. Unfortunately, I kept falling asleep, so I had to watch it twice. Still didn't see 100% of it, but I've seen what I think are the most important parts (particularly the ending), & found it quite good.

My mom & Johnathan were up by the end of the movie, & after a little bit, I put on Bug with Ashley Judd & Michael Shannon (not to be confused with the classic Bug from 1975, starring Bradford Dillman, which I LOVE!). It was one of the films listed in that "13 Scarier Movie Moments" special, & I was intrigued by the parts they'd shown. It takes a while to get going, but once it does, it's pretty relentless in its psychosis. Movies with people on a downward spiral into utter madness are always something I want to have a look at.

By then, it wasn't so early that we couldn't play a little music, so my mom put on some Halloween tunes, along with a few other tunes. Mattie was up by then, & during lunch we listened to a comedy mix CD Mark had given my mom. We were all cracking up over the Weird Al track, a parody of Avril Lavigne's "Complicated".

The weather was clear & a little warm, much nicer than Saturday, so my mom & I (in matching San Gennaro shirts) took a quick trip to K-Mart, where we ogled the Halloween goodies (though they'd had a life-sized Jason Voorhees there that she wanted to show me, except they'd already taken him down), & I got in a quick shot of my mom in a funky hat. Move over, Eastwick, the witches of Italy have arrived!

Packed up back at the house, & spent a little more time with the gang before I had to head out. I was so tired when I got home! Brought my stuff in, called my mom to let her know I got home okay, & promptly zonked out watching The Shining. At least I didn't sleep until it was time to go to bed. I had enough time to get ready for work.

Coming soon...two Halloweens, Dir en grey, & the company lunch cruise!

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