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Before reading this report, PLEASE have a look at my account of this year’s Dir en grey show!


Next month, another of my J-rock loves, Vamps, are coming back to NY. I was fortunate enough to see them last year (http://japanesedream.livejournal.com/310947.html), but this time they’re playing a different venue. And anyone who’s known me for any length of time knows that if I’m unfamiliar with a venue, I’ve gotta go in early & do a “dry run”, so I’m not totally discombobulated the day of the show.

(Sorry, this entry might be a bit image-heavy for some of you.)

On to the land of roses...but first, to the bus station! )
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Before I begin detailing our NYC adventure from Saturday, please refer to the map here, so you can follow our little hiking trail, as I reference the neighbourhoods we visited:


Also, I’m trying my hand at thumbnails with this post...

CRAP! The thumbs aren't working! They don't link to a larger photo! I know nothing of HTML, & my editing attempts yielded nothing worthwhile, so I'm just gonna include links to the larger versions. Sorry, guys. If anyone knows how to actually make it work, please let me know!

And now, on with the show... )
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Looking at someone's awesome lunch today led me to quote one of my all-time favourite films, The Breakfast Club (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Breakfast_Club), & harkened me back to last year, when I did that fun little parody of the movie's iconic poster image (http://noozeez.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/Breakfast-Club.jpg)...

Cut for size, I didn't remember it being so big! )

...featuring J-rockers.

Since those involved in the aforementioned lunchtime moment aren't members of LJ, I said I would prob'ly end up posting it on Facebook so they could see what I was talking about. But I also thought I would add a few links to videos that might give those not so in-the-know, as far as J-rock, a chance to see just why I picked these people for those images.

Who & Why )
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Courtesy of my brother, Johnathan, who turned me on to these vids. ^_^

Seasons After - Cry Little Sister; a re-working of a song from the original Lost Boys movie soundtrack.

We Are The Fallen - Bury Me Alive; Ben Moody from Evanescence's new band ~ remember how, ever since Gackt fronted Malice Mizer, all the vocalists Mana has worked with sound just like him ~ deep, emotive, & pseudo-operatic? Well, Mr. Moody pulled a Mana move, 'cuz this chick sounds awfully close to Amy Lee, & even has a similar look!

Dead Before Sunrise - Crawl Back In; Chester Bennington from Linkin Park has been moonlighting with this outfit.

Red - Ordinary World; there's no official video for this, I guess it's a bonus track on their album or something...but it's a cover of a song by one of my all-time favourite bands, Duran Duran! I'd never even heard of Red 'til my brother told me they'd covered this song.

Atreyu - Lonely; this video shows the band in Japan!!

Flyleaf - Missing; I already love this band, but I haven't gotten their latest album yet, so it was fun to watch this new vid from them...except it's so short! Good song, & the vid style reminds me a little of "Tonight, Tonight" by the Smashing Pumpkins, if anyone remembers that one.

Goo Goo Dolls - Home; lots of Asian goodies in this one! Not sure where they filmed it, but Johnathan tells me the bass player either lives or used to live in Japan.

The Killers - Read My Mind; I actually told Johnathan about this one. Gachapin (famous Japanese muppet-like character) getting into a capsule hotel bed with one of the band members at the end...priceless!

Radford - Control (no video, select it from the audio list); Johnathan didn't have anything to do with this one, it's the end credits song for the film "Night of the Living Dead 3D", a re-re-make of the original George A. Romero classic, which I watched at my mom's. This one has Sid Haig in it. And nudity. Nothing uber-extraordinary, but it had some interesting/amusing moments, & they took it in a very different direction than the original (& its 1990 re-make). I liked this song quite a bit, tho'.

These are my own discovery. ^_^ Some Phantasmagoria that I'm in need of, but prob'ly won't lay my hands on 'til I get back to Japan, since their stuff is impossible to find here. XP I'm just linking them here 'cuz I want to come back & take some screenshots. ^_~

Kami Uta; the last single they released before disbanding. Among their harder numbers...but even so, Jun is being cute, blowing a kiss & licking his guitar! XD

Past Sky; don't know if this was a B-side or another single or what. It's almost too "happy" to hear after Kami Uta, but it's got some sweet live footage. ^_^

Holy Crap!! (No, that's not the name of the song! XD) There's an actual video for Actuate Eden!! How did I not know this?!?! Doesn't look like the same strip club from the new Vamps video, tho' LOL. XD Note to Jun: stop being so darn cute! XD

I'll post about my weekend soon!
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Ah, Dir en grey...can I love you guys any more than I do already?

Except maybe when you do cute things like this! XD


EDIT: This one's just beautiful, not disgusting. :)


Riku! Kisaki! RIN!

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] diru915 for letting me know this one was posted. ^_^

This one's pretty cool, too:


Chariots. Riku's post-Mago, pre-Rin band. If memory serves, 2 of these guys are also in Rin.

This is just CUTE!


We've got a Phantasmagoria alumni theme going here, with this clip from Jun! I just wanna hog-tie that boy & teach him proper English.

More cute:


Mago members help Matoi conquer his fear of heights. Not musical, just funny.

Last one (for now), honest!


Couldn't leave the last Mago member floating aimlessly without a post, now could I? Iori & Jun have been working together of late. Here's something sweet & instrumental, with a bit of light banter before & after. What I really want to know is, why are people walking past them?? If I saw that on the street, I'd stop, watch, & drool!!

Seriously, get me outta here & over there, 'cuz I gotta get me some of what that country's got!! ^_^
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Ladies & gentlemen, we have lift-off! :D


And I did. Just like I told my grandpa I would. :)

There's a massive story goes along with this, but I'm too worn out to type it all up now. Stay tuned for the adventurous details!

EDIT: Okay, so here's the story... )

Anywho, feel free to post video clips now, 'cuz I can see 'em! ^_^
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Work has me ready to join the straightjacket set (literally!), but at least I have nice co-workers.

Allison & I had been talking with some of our colleagues for quite a while about getting together to try various foreign cuisines. Sherrod mentioned a Thai place, Chao Phaya, near the Chinese buffet, & as it was his birthday this past week, Allison & I took him there & treated him to a birthday dinner.

It was really nice! Very cozy, intimate, relaxing, welcoming place. Nice decor - paneled walls, dark wood tables, tapestries & pictures & sculptures all around (a LOT of elephants ^_^), even Thai (I'm assuming it was Thai) music playing, but modern, pseudo-R&B kind of stuff, as opposed to strictly traditional.

We split an appetizer of vegetable dumplings w/peanut sauce (SO GOOD!). Part of the garnish was a carrot cut into a flower shape. Pretty!

For the entree, I had something called Rama, steamed vegetables with tofu in a light sauce. It came with a side of white rice, which I mixed in. Very tasty! Allison let me try her Pad Thai, which is a noodle dish. Sherrod had a basil rice dish, which I would've also tried, but he got the spicy version, & I'm not too great at handling hot/spicy food. We all drank Thai Iced Tea, which is black tea mixed with some other things, one of which I think is milk of some sort. It's very sweet, with a deep undertone, hinting a bit of mocha/coffee. An interesting drink, which we all enjoyed.

Lots of good food, a relaxing atmosphere, & a great deal of candid conversation. Life as it should be, yes?

Oh, & thanks to Sherrod for inspiring the title of this entry. :)

Talk Talk

Jan. 26th, 2009 08:08 am
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I'm making this one public so a non-LJ friend or 2, who might find it of interest, can have access to it.

Anybody who knows anything about J-rock (or who's listened to me babble on about it for the past several years) knows that Mana never speaks in public. He hasn't done so for many, many years.

However, there are 2 occasions on which he has publicly allowed his voice to be heard (there may be others, but I think these are the most well-known). And after I checked out that thing for my brother (LJ friends, see previous post), I went & found them!

These are the short versions, clipped from lengthier interviews, since my YouTube access is very, very s l o w.

The first one is from way back in '96, during Malice Mizer's "Voyage" days (their 2nd album, the first they did with Gackt on vocals). During band introductions, Mana...well, introduces himself. It's quick; translated, it comes out to something like, "I'm Mana, guitarist."

The second one's the jackpot. From the "Merveilles" era (that's the 2nd album they did with Gackt), 'round about "Gekka no Yasoukyoku" (Moonlight Nocturne, you can tell from the outfit), the interviewer (you gotta wonder what's going through her mind!) asks Mana why he's sitting on the floor (no, I didn't directly translate this, I read about it). He answers something to the effect of, "Because it's cute." (Listen close, & you can hear him say "kawaii", which means "cute".)

Anywho, I'm off to fight evil...I mean, I'm going to work now.
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One down... )

In more movie-related goodness, try checking out this website:

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