Feb. 13th, 2011 07:16 am
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Please see the 3rd of this 4-part post, here (includes links to parts 1 & 2): http://japanesedream.livejournal.com/395467.html

I know there are good homes out there for these... )

That's all for now.
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Have you checked out the first 2 pages?


I said it before & I'll say it again: I really hate having to do this.

This is a necessary evil... )

More on the way!

T for 2

Feb. 12th, 2011 09:10 pm
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Please be sure to check out Part 1 of the t-shirt collection, if you haven't already.

My closet or yours? )

Lots more to come, so stay tuned!

T party

Feb. 10th, 2011 11:04 pm
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By now, most or all of you have checked out my previous entry regarding the books. If you haven’t, please do. There may be something you’d like.

[livejournal.com profile] hara_reita recommended I do a similar post for the t-shirts I am forced to part with. I think this was even harder than the books. There are so many shirts that I hate, I mean HATE, having to give up. They are bands or shows or films that I love. They are great designs. They were given to me by friends & loved ones whom I adore. Some are not with us anymore. Some are no longer part of my life, except in memories. Many are from my mom. A couple, I got at concerts.

But apart from the fact that I just can’t take them with me (either for reasons of shipping costs or lack of room - esp. given where I would like to go), 99% of them are just too big for me. What possessed us, back in the day, to wear everything 2 or 3 sizes larger than we needed, I will never know. But now, I’m swimming in them.

There are others, besides what is here. I have already given a couple away, to some book-takers. More will be posted soon. Some, I can’t put up yet; it just doesn’t feel right, even though I know I won’t be wearing them (again, the over-sized thing). These were difficult enough.

Please let me know if you would like any additional information than what little I’ve presented here, such as size (most are XL), colour, or specific condition. Some I got second-hand, so there may be slight/small marks/stains/discolourations. Others are simply victims of sitting in my closets or hanging on the rack in the basement (where I had to shift them when they got too numerous) for longer than they should have. They’re still wearable, I wouldn’t offer them if they weren’t (I had a few questionables I’ve kept off the list). For the most part, I’d say it’s nothing a good wash won’t cure. ^_^

Speaking of which...

Here we go... )

More coming soon!

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