Date: 2011-03-27 10:47 pm (UTC)
the cake looks uber good!!!!

and it sounds like you got to meet more famous people!!!

the one that i'm really jealous you got to meet was Allan! aka Godric!!! i'm such a die hard true blood fan!!! XD!! i was sooo mad when they killed him off!! D:< *massive sigh*

and after googling Dina Meyer, i figured out who she was XD but then i also saw that you posted a saw link too, hahaa, i mainly remember her from Starship Troopers XD omg, my bro always watched that movie XD it scared the shit out of me! XD and such a shame, she died in that movie XD

i really like your mom and bros' pictures XD especially the one with Kane :D that one was funny! XD

and omg, i would have replied earlier, but as i was making my ramen to eat while i slowly scrolled the page [i love that option, if you dont know what i'm talking about, its when you hit the scroller on the mouse and the page can move on its own] but this girl and her pitbull were being chased by another dog, and i had to deal with that mess as my dogs were clawing the windows and barking their mouths off XD ugh

thank you for linking me! :D .. this sounds like a pretty big thing, how many people were there? if you know
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