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After all my ranting & raving, what do you think happens to me on Saturday? I FIND SHOES!!!!

And there were decent things on tv, as well. ^_^ But back to the shoes. We were at the chiropractor’s, which is about 20 minutes or so from here (he used to be closer, but moved about a year ago). My grandpa, who’s been an absolute gem as I go insane searching for footwear, was wondering if there were any shoe stores in that area, & asked him after I’d finished my session. He said there were 2 that he could think of. One was a little further away, so we decided to check out the closer one, & the other we’ll look in next time I go to chiro.

Anywho, the one we looked in was a Marty’s Shoes; we have one not too far from where we live, which we tried once before, with no luck. This one was having a sale, though at first, it seemed like there wasn’t anything remotely like what I was looking for, & anything that vaguely fit the bill wasn’t in a size my feet would tolerate. So we’re about to give up - we were actually on our way out - when right there in the corner behind the front door, what should I spot, but these:


They didn’t have the suede in my size, so I had to get the leather. They’re not exactly what I wanted, but they’re not too bad a compromise. And they were only $20. They only had one pair in the size I needed, but it’s a start. Still gonna check out the other store next time. You never know.

Then we went to China Moon, the little Chinese place just over the bridge ‘round the corner from my house, ‘cuz I’ve had a hankering for Asian food lately, & watching “Iron Chef” made me want it even more! Plus, we haven’t gotten Chinese take-out since the end of last summer. My grandpa always tends to pick up the lunch tab when we go out, even if I offer to, so this time, it was totally my treat. We got so much stuff! And it’s not expensive at all. It was so tremendous - y’know sometimes you haven’t had something in a while, & it just tastes FANTASTIC when you get ‘round to having it again? We even tried some new things: the steamed dumplings, the wonton-egg drop soup (I never knew they had that kind of soup! Wonton, yes; egg-drop, sure - but both? Wow!), the boneless, honey-glazed spare ribs (sorry, we’re carnivores). Between that, & old favourites like the spring rolls, the fried rice, & the stir-fry veggies...oh, man, I’m drooling just thinking about it.

So as I towel off the slobber, you check this out.

What else can you do when it‘s ONE frigging degree outside but watch movies? )

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