Jun. 13th, 2009 10:28 pm
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Given the illness that struck me in the wee hours (sorry, non-LJers, it was a friends-only post, suffice to say I had a rough night & was feeling sick), the day sure turned out interestingly!

In my pajamas with no make-up & my hair something of a frightful sight, I was a bit scared when my pal Sean from next door rang the doorbell & said his mom might take us to the anime convention...today!

Too bad his dad was on a business trip, he missed some coolness! But his mom & sister came. His mom, who said that she heard going on the last day isn't as good, since many vendors/items may not be there) didn't have time to do up a costume, but his sister did a Naruto character. And he was gonna be L from Death Note, but since he didn't have a way to blacken his hair & it was gonna rain anyway (which would flatten any attempt at tously bed-head, he wore some suit clothes & went as Light. Which kinda worked out better, in a way, since I was already doing Misa (I dress like the anime version, but I have dark hair like the movie one), so we were able to go as Light & Misa. ^_^

It was raining when we got there (doom for my hair!), but at least they remembered to bring an umbrella, even if I didn't. We walked in, & saw all kinds of neat & interesting things! People from all sorts of anime, games, shows, & movies (not all of them anime - I saw a Smurfette, a Ghostbuster, & a Jedi). Some, we recognised, others not so much, but all of them were cool. There were some Goth-Loli people, too. We had to register by filling out a brief form, pay the entrance fees (Sean's dad had already said they'd pay for my ticket, for which I am grateful, since these things are not cheap; fortunately, the kids either got in free or at a discount), & get our badges & programme packets. They said you could write anything you wanted on the badge, so Sean & I wrote our character names.

After that, it was quite a bit of wandering around, taking pictures of (&/or with) cosplayers, & a little shopping. Sean got his birthday presents a tad early - his mom got him a sort of robe-thing worn by one of the Naruto characters, Itachi (the vendor threw in the hat for free), I bought him a Death Note. His mom got his sister some goodies, too, of course. And I turned around to see none other than Pikachu Girl from Japan Day just across the aisle!

(Photos from Japan Day can be found here.)

We both looked at each other like, "I know you..." & I went up to her & was, like, "Didn't I meet you at Japan Day?" Squee!! We hugged & took photos, shocked that we actually ran into each other again. She complimented my outfit. I told her I'd been thinking I should've gotten her e-mail after our little encounter at J-Day, so I could send her that shot with Hot Ninja Boy - but, would you believe it, he's her FRIEND!! And he was THERE! She pointed to a nearby fellow in a cool jacket & a hoodie, but (no offense to him whatsoever) he wasn't Japanese & looked nothing like Die; however, when she pulled the hood back a bit, he did have the red mowhawk. XD

I gave her my e-mail address, told her I posted our shot on my blog, & she said she'd e-mail me & get my blog addy so she could check out the post & pics & such (we had a very nice IM session earlier this evening). Then it was off & running again.

I found a kick-@$$ J-rock stall, the vendor guy being a very tall gentleman in a long, blonde wig & a killer white Loli dress (which I told him I loved, though, at first, I thought he was just an attendee!). There were postcards of many of my boys (one section, Sean dubbed, 'the Great Wall of Mana'), a Mago poster, Diru, Malice, & Gackt photobooks, & various CDs & singles. I had an extremely limited amount of cash on me, not being able to go to the bank Sat. morning due to feeling ill & run-down, so I had to pick & choose just what to buy.

And then I saw it.


And I bought it. And now, I've only got $6 until I can get to the bank again, maybe Tuesday. :P

But I got my Mana, so I don't care!

Oh, & get this - they had the SAME BAG as me! The coffin-cross bag I got in Harajuku! I even told him that. I don't know how much it was (Body Line had it on sale for, like, $20), but I was broke by then, anyway.

Took more photos & video, then the kids wanted something to eat (I'd already had a fairly decent-sized lunch, having begun to feel better), so we stopped at the snack bar. On the way, I saw a great pair of cosplayers, doing Misa & Rem from Death Note 2: The Last Name. I couldn't catch them to get a photo 'cuz they went into the ladies' room, so we waited there until they came out! I was hoping for a pic of me & Rem (she is Misa's Shinigami), but she already had a Misa, so I figured I wouldn't intrude on that. (There were several versions of various characters floating about the place, including Misa.) I joked, "It's a sad thing when you have to wait for your Shinigami outside the ladies' room!"

In the meantime, though, Sean & I did have a conversation with someone who works for Funimation, the voice-over company that does Dragonball Z & Yu-Yu Hakusho, among other titles. He wasn't one of the seiyuu (voice actors) or anything (I peeked at his badge but didn't recognise the name), but he remarked on my observation that there was a second Inu-Yasha (I'd already photographed the first), saying there were about 5 of them in the building (this was before we noticed the multiple Misas & Itachis & whatnot), & was telling us about someone who works at these things that often does some major dressing up, & will prob'ly do so at an upcoming anime convention in NY; may have been AnimeFest, not sure.

CRAP! I just looked at that site & it says something about Hyde & his new project, Vamps, coming to NYC!!! I wonder if I'd be able to get tickets & go??? It's on July 11, so it might be sold out already...but I may have to look into this, just in case.

So Misa & Rem finally emerged from the bathroom, I got my shot, & on we went. Ducked into a side room where they were showing excerpts from Death Note 2: The Last Name, so we sat & watched that. We also saw a martial arts demonstration (reminded me of the one at the Sakura Festival in Philly - they were cutting through tatami mats with a sword), as well as an anime characters' conga line!

I noticed a Spike from Cowboy Bebop, & naturally, had to take a photo with him. I asked him if it was okay & he said, "Sure," then the girl he was with (dressed as something from another show) told me, "He's such a pimp!" *gigglesnort*

They had a guy playing sax there, & I caught sight (& shot) of Pikachu Girl again (she was standing with him & someone dressed as a Pikachu). He played pretty nicely, too. I was hoping to see if he knew "Good Night, Julia" (a Bebop thing), but I didn't get a chance to ask him. He did, however, play the Simpsons theme song.

Looked at some more goodies (& really wished I had more money!); there were some Loli clothes/bags, & socks/fingerless gloves I would have snagged, but oh well. The kids were able to get a couple more things, & then Sean's sister saw a character she'd been hoping to get a photo with, so I helped her chase the girl down! Ended up being a cute photo. Another cool one was the one I got of Sean as Light with a guy doing L. (Sean had been wearing his Itachi outfit, but then let his mom wear it.)

From there, I nearly got my head sliced off by some guy with a chainsaw (not a real one, tho', & he did apologise), & then it was on to the thing that was a cross between aerobics & cheerleading. Sean's mom & sister went & did a little of that, then we floated around for a while, trying to find the way out. We got a bit lost (going out of one building & into another, which turned out to be the hotel, where I guess some of these people were staying, since the convention runs Fri. thru Sun.), but eventually found it.

Fortunately, Fate gave us a bit of a payoff for our troubles, 'cuz I spotted a Matt from Death Note in the lobby, dancing with several other cosplayers - I think they were doing those cheerleading moves. Sean & I have a thing about Matt, seeing as how he only appeared in the anime for a tiny, tiny bit (we always say it was about 3 seconds). So we asked if we could get a shot, & since one of the other cosplayers was also doing Light, but the movie version (did you know that's the kid from Battle Royale?), we got in the shot with them (& both Lights had their Death Notes). I can't recall, exactly, but I might've caught a last glimpse of Pikachu Girl at this point. One quick photo of some very good Full Metal Alchemist costumes later, we bid our adieu to "Anime Next, 2009". The whole day is a sort of magnificent blur in my brain right now, & I'm sure I'm forgetting things, but - as I usually do - I'll put in addendums or additional posts if that's the case.

Anywho, it was out into the rain again, & back home. I hung out at Sean's for a bit, looking at computer stuff & playing the Pikmin video game. Then he came over to my house, where I whipped him up a new J-rock mix:

Dir en grey - Namamekashiki Ansoku, Tamerai Ni Hohoemi
Dir en grey - 304 Goushitsu, Hakushi No Sakura
Dir en grey - Machiavellism
Dir en grey - Saku
Malice Mizer - Gensou Rakuen
L’Arc-en-Ciel - Shout At The Devil
Gackt - Speed Master
Gackt - Asrun Dream
L’Arc-en-Ciel - Kaze No Yukue
Phantasmagoria - Lost In Thought
Gackt - Death Wish
Gackt - Doomsday
Dir en grey - Karasu
Dir en grey - Vinushka
Dir en grey - Mr. Newsman

I loaded the pics from the camera onto the computer, & e-mailed them to Sean's mom. I won't post any with them, since I don't have permission (they have to ask his dad - if I get it, I will post them later), & I'm prob'ly breaking every rule in the known universe by posting everybody else's pic without permission, but just so you can see some of the goodness of this awesome day, I present to you...

Me & Pikachu Girl. <3

Conga Line...la la la la la, hey!

Anime fun: left - Misa had a Death Note, too; right - me & Spike Spiegel.

Cosplayers: I don't know who the 2 in the middle are, I just liked their kimono. Left - Rurouni Kenshin; right - movie-Misa with her awesome Rem, outside the ladies' room.

Masters, Mice, & Music: left - Dragonball Z's King Kai, working at the Funimation stall; right - Pikachu (the electric mouse), Pikachu Girl, & the sax player.

Alchemy, Demons, & Gothicness: left - Al & Ed from Full Metal Alchemist; middle - Inu-Yasha; right - a very nice Loli girl.

Last but not least: I have no idea what any of these are, but I thought they were really pretty!

That's all for now. It's almost 5:30 in the morning. Think maybe I ought to go to bed...

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